LOST PEOPLE: a nomadic group exhibition

The international group exhibition Lost People is a curatorial idea of Rossana Calbi (Strange Opera) in collaboration with Costanza Tagliaferri. Challenging the artists with unique but unusual support, a vinyl disc, the group project calls the artists to explore themes such as travelling and loneliness, encounter and discovery. Without instructing the artists on techniques or subjects, the vinyl becomes a white canvas to transform a personal story in an artwork. Portraits, abstract forms and colours from different styles, nationalities and background mix on the unique traces of forgotten vinyl. If the support is the same for all, any vinyl is unique as well as the artists’ interpretation on identity and discovery, in a world where differences become a possibility of encounter rather than a way to define us.

The artists’ eclecticism is also in the nomadic character of the exhibition. Presented for the first time at the Beu-Beu Festival in August 2018, the group show reunited 27 artists from all over the world in Saint Peter Abbey in Badia a Ruoti. In the suggestive countryside in Tuscany, the contemporaneity of the show mixes with Italian tradition and culture, suggesting a playful and contemporary interpretation of our memories and tradition.

For the second step, the group exhibition arrives in Milan, in the raising gallery Looking for Art. In collaboration with Art Nomade Milan, the group exhibition presents the themes of travelling, encounter and solitude in the systematic routing of Milan. In a restless city where no one can wait, the encounter and solitude become a reminder of the individual expressivity in the frenetic routine of our contemporary times. After Milan, the group exhibition moves to South Italy thanks to Viviana Cazzato. In the traditional palace of Palazzo Rivolo, this time the exhibition images a multicultural land of encounter. Strong of its tradition and memories, the city gives to the artworks new nuances in between old and new traditions.

Last time, the group exhibition was in Rome, hosted by Up Urban Progressive Factory thanks to Marta di Meglio. This time, to frame our vinyl, the installation by Bike Block enriches the exhibition with the attention on the sustainability of the city and the importance of a conscious change. Nomadic and eclectic, Lost People is a lens to read the world through its diversity and evolutions, reminding how the unicity of the individual is sterile without a dialogue with what is different.


More interviews with the artists on Stigmazine in collaboration with Rossana Calbi.