I am Costanza Tagliaferri, a nomadic writer now based in Rome, my home town.
Starting with philosophy, during my journey I was captured by the art world outside institutional walls and permanent buildings. I have always found interesting what is happening on the edge, what comes from the contradiction of this society. I moved five years ago to Bristol, where I have been captured by the world of street artists and festivals. During this journey, I discover how art is not only a mirror of society, but also an opportunity to create new interactions to read the world with different eyes.
After Bristol, I moved to the Netherlands to attend a Research Master in Art & Visual Culture driven by the desire of expanding my understanding of the art world. Here, I found the world of live coding and digital art. Totally captured by digital explorations, I am now focussing my research on how artists are employing digital techniques in terms of playfulness rather than efficiency, and how art can be a way to visualise how we are changing in these times of ever-growing digitalisation.
Green traffic lights signal that it is safe to cross, and while doing so, you might check your mobile phone to see if you’ve received any messages from friends or colleagues. We take these digital devices for granted, forgetting the hectic world of development behind the scenes. Interfaces and digital devices common in daily gestures are constantly updated to improve results for the user, deeply influencing our habits. We have learnt how to accept the constant updates of interfaces to be part of this technological evolution, almost forgetting how we rely on technology to accomplish daily tasks. Promoting and discovering the world of live coding, I try to understand through art how society is quickly changing, and how we are changing with it, suggesting a more proactive attitude to the world.