Down town in the hell

  On the 7thof January, Inferno store re-opened in Rome with an intense new cultural season of book, music records and art. The old record shop Hellnation, belonging to Roberto Gagliardi, is now directed by Claudia Acciarino , Antonio Olivieri, both musician, and Martina Ronca, punk singer and curator, that are playing with their different background to give a unique personality to the small shop.


At the beginning of January, the new direction celebrated the new season of adventure with three days event with music, live painting from Marco About and Sicks, a live showcase of uBiK, books, comics and accessories.  This Saturday, Inferno Store opens its space for a recording label To Lose Track listening day, curated by Capperi! (LAGS), distribute by AudioGlobe.

The vibrant and eclectic vibes of the store frame the works of the Roman artist Debora Malis for the solo exhibition Mi Odio, curated by Rossana Calbi, in collaboration with Strange Opera.

The artist, in her peculiar feminine touch, shapes the ‘bad thoughts’ of a good girl in terracotta polychrome, illustrating the female soul between delicacy and provocation. The childish feeling of fear connected with these thoughts is transforming to accept the confusion and contradiction of being a woman. The expression of this femininity finds a balance with the others around, especially with his male counterpart the right provocation to understand her.


In this continuous research of new forms and expression, Mi Odio shows us a peaceful and hilarious way of accepting contradictions and incongruities of a female soul, in which we can all recognise. With her feminine and intimate approach, Debora transforms confused thoughts, doubts and fears into works of art.

The exhibition of Debora Malis, combined with the events organised by the new direction of Inferno Store, offers us an interesting overview of the Roman cultural underground. The mix of different background, styles and disciplines not only creates an occasion of encounter, but also the opportunity of experimenting a different cultural approach outside the art event.