Amaneï, a magic place on the island

Musae opened on the 3rdof August, a solo exhibition dedicated to the legendary figures inspiration of Art and Beauty. Curated by Rossana Calbi, the solo exhibition of Elena Cernaria will run until the 30thof September in Amaneï, a centre of art and dialogue on the island of Salina, Sicily.


Amaneï is a small late 19thcentury palazzo lost in the middle of the sea of the Aeolian archipelago, in the heart of the village of Santa Maria. Abandoned since the First World War, the house was reopened in 2005 as a charity with the aim of promoting art through several disciplines. The idea was to create a meeting space to promote art and cultural events, with the intent of using the atmosphere of the island to explore the dialogue not only between artists and disciplines, but also with an examination of the history of the place. Recently, with the collaboration of Parione9 gallery, the house has also become a residence for artists, creating the opportunity for artists and curators to explore new ideas within close proximity to one another.


The peculiar and suggestive atmosphere of the house inspired the curator Rossana Calbi to play with mixing contemporary art and the island’s tradition with different projects that will run until the end of September. The last to open is Musae, a homage of the artist Elena Cermaria to the Greek divinities, which inspired the artists for their masterpieces since time immemorial. With her peculiar style of painting, the artist portraits her motionless seven Muses, inspired by the timeless and evocative shore of the islands.


The peculiar atmosphere that characterises the sea offers the opportunity for the curator and the artists to find a personal key to develop their relationship with the tradition of the island and their personal style. Gerlanda di Francia, in her solo exhibition Treasure Island, portrayed the mysterious protagonists of the legends of the Aeolian islands. Accomplished with the intriguing music of Alice Pelle, the artist collected different elements from the island to frame her mermaids and old sea tales, like precious boxes to safeguard the secrets of the sea from human eyes. On the other side, for his show Fish&Chips, Marco About decided to make a homage to the sea life of the island with his characteristic humoristic style. The Roman artist went fishing in the Aeolian seas to capture the typical undersea life to portray them on silk-screen printing.



The house has been reopened with the original architecture restored in detail, with the intent of promoting the potential of the island respecting its traditional history. Amaneï opens the opportunity to explore different thematic and artistic research. With Yoga on my Skin, Rossana Calbi and Giulia Piccioni investigates the fundamentals of yoga practice. 9 tattoos artists illustrate the interplay of the Asana with the Chakra, exploring the connection between the physical body and the energies that guide us in the journey of awareness from the Earth to the Sky. While Tarot, is a collective exhibition of 22 artists promoted by Stigmagazine. Each artist gave their reinterpretation of one of the Major Arcane, offering an overview of this old tradition. The variety of the style of the artists reflects the fickle nature of the Tarot, which is not the truth but a mirror that transforms itself with what you see inside.

The experimental attitude of Amaneï offers the chance to see how the tradition can fuse with the art in a way that is typical of our contemporary society.  The variety of exhibitions and artists gave us the chance to enjoy the art in alternative vibes, creating an innovative meeting with our culture.

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