New SPACE in Bristol!


SPACE is a new satellite initiative of The Island. Today is the preview of their new exhibition, SynBioExpo, collaboration between art and science which explores the possibilities of CRISPR, a new technology to edit our DNA, and the consequences of it.

Today at 6:00 will be launched SynBioExpoat at the SPACE Bristol. This is a collaborative exhibition between the Bristol-based artists Imogen Coulter, Claudia Sticker and Theo Wood and researchers at BrisSynBio, the University of Bristol’s Synthetic Biology research network. Tonight the artists and the researchers will discuss the exhibition and the possibilities of CRISPR, a new technology able to edit our DNA, opening a conversation with the audience to share ideas and point of views.

SPACE is a new satellite initiative of the Island in Old Market Street. Trinity Community Arts have been running 6 West Street for nearly 5 years, under Bristol City Council’s Community Asset Transfer initiative, aiming to support the regeneration of Old Market. With the mutual scope of giving new vibes to local activities, The Island took SPACE (Sounds- Performance- Art- Community- Emergent) to offer an open hub to promote creativity in Bristol with exhibitions, workshops and talks.


The core of the initiative is offering a place to share ideas and presenting works that lead to an exploration of reality to question our society from unexpected angles. By opening the space to activities and artists on the edge of the usual channels, SPACE wants to create an alternative environment to think about our society working with the local community. Often we see the structure of our society far from our range of action, but starting our observation from a local point of view we can discover a different vision and think about it in new ways.

Example of this intent was Barrier, their preview solo exhibition. The show was a collection of paintings from the raising artist David Foord, who is still exhibiting at the Tobacco Factory until the end of May.

For David, observing is an act for questioning the reality we are living in, and he translated this idea using his paint as a tool to critically explore our society and analyse how systems of belief shape what we see, driving us in our conception of reality. Working around themes such as national identity, a proliferation of barriers and private propriety, through his paintings David made us reflect on how our beliefs play a strong role in our construction of reality. Without even being aware of it, we manipulate what we see, our landscapes, following a scheme silently articulate by the system of ideologies that we feel closer to us. We decide our scale of relevance in the reality we are living and we follow it to judge and classify the others around.

David offered us an alternative vision on this order, without criticizing or taking a stand to give us an answer. He uses painting to highlight aspects of reality with unusual eyes, giving us the chance to think about what we see in a different way. Reflecting on these thematic is assuming even more relevance today, when ideologies are playing every day a stronger role in defining our identity.

SPACE, with a completely different exhibition, is offering today another occasion to have an alternative vision on aspects we feel innate in our society, giving us an example of the power of local activities towards the tendency of our world.






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