Blog description

This blog is about my two main passions: Green & Digital. It is a platform where I investigate the art world, always looking for art forms on the edge and outside institutional walls. Meantime, it is a space to illustrate the beauties I discover traveling around.

This section is for digital art and live coding. Spreading in the art world, digital techniques become a tool for creativity exploring how we are changing in this ever-growing digitalisation of society.


This section is for the stories of my beautiful country. Coming back after years of traveling, I went to discover the hidden treasure of Italy in between landscapes, food and craft.

I have always been attracted by what happens outside the ‘white wall’. This section is for Festival in the field and in the city, to explore the interactions art creates, rather than the single artworks. 

This section is dedicated to what captures my attention – without a real theme, this is a space to get inspired by the art world.